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    Jake is 6 months old and has been doing an awesome job with everything so far. We let him sleep in our bedroom at night and crate him during the day. We have been doing this since we got him. Lately he has been waking up in the middle of the night and "stealing" items off of the dresser to chew. Then last night he started on the brand new carpet!!! He knows he is wrong because he runs in the corner with his ears back and his tail tucked when we wake up.

    Any suggestions on breaking this bad habit?? I really do not want to crate him at night. He is in that thing all day when we are at work....

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    DefaultRe: Chewing

    We crate at night and during the day and I think Ender actually likes it. He gets a kong in there with a dab of peanut butter and if he wakes up during the night he's got his bear to snuggle and a kong to gnaw on.

    If he were loose I'd be constantly worried about what he'd be getting into.

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    DefaultRe: Chewing

    I don't see around crating at night.
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    DefaultRe: Chewing

    Yeah, Dash actually likes being in his crate too. I work all day too, and he still actually puts himself into the crate whenever hes out roaming when we are home. If I kept him out at night my carpet would look horrible. Dash loves to pick at the carpet whenever I take my eye off him for a second. I felt the same way you did, and tried to keep him out at night, but after about 2 nights of not sleeping I decided it was the best for all of us if hes in his crate. Its better for him in the long-run.
    Just keep a stuffed animal and maybe something to chew at.
    Hope this makes you feel a little better ;D

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    jakeysmom Guest

    DefaultRe: Chewing

    Thanks for all the advice!!! Jake does like his crate and has no problem getting in it. We will have to try it out tonight!!


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