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    DefaultDoggie daycare Questions

    Hello everyone - Tomorrow is Jack's interview for doggie daycare they are going to keep him there for 3 hours to evaluate his temperment

    I was wondering what are some good questions for me to ask ??

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    DefaultRe: Doggie daycare Questions

    What is their daily schedule... is there a naptime?
    Ask to see the facilities
    Ask how the dogs are grouped
    Ask how they determine when to switch groups
    How many dogs in a group
    How do they keep track of vaccinations and will they remind you when you are due?
    What is their policy on "extras"... i.e. at our doggy day care, if Ender's nails get too long they will warn us one week and the next trim them for a fee of course if we haven't taken care of it by then.
    Do they have a vet on call
    What do they do in case of an emergency
    I asked "how many labs do you have?" and the woman laughed at me and said "A LOT!"

    You'll probably receive this information anyways... we get a little report card for Ender at each visit... who he played with... how he was... did he eat etc (he's 3 months so still gets a packed lunch)

    Also see if they have a 10 visit punch card or some other reduced rate for multiple upfront purchases...

    Edited to add: Last week we were told that Ender was getting too big and boisterous for the "puppy" group so they are switching him to the big dogs next time he goes in! My little boy graduated!!! ;D

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    DefaultRe: Doggie daycare Questions

    I would also ask, how do they handle fighting or an agressive dog. Or if a dog is bitten, what is the proceedure.

    What Shannon and I found we like is the surprise visits. Ask what time day care is over, and visit an hour early. See what the conditions are like after 5-6 hours of play. We found at one location she was running around in pee, we were NOT happy and we never returned (It was a PetsMart).

    Also when you visit, make sure they follow thru with the things they promised. If they told you your dog would be watched during day camp, make sure someone is in there when you surprise visit.

    Shannon and I have determined that is our best way to see if we get what we pay for or if they are BSing and doing what sounds best.

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    DefaultRe: Doggie daycare Questions

    Thank you so much for these great questions - when I called to setup the interview I asked a couple of questions and these were there answers: ( DO YOU THINK THEY ARE GOOD)

    1) they can have nap time if you request it
    2) they are going to give me a tour tomorrow but I only stay for about 20 min.
    3) the dogs are grouped according to there size and the why they play
    4) we have to provide copies of vac records and they call the vet today to make sure all okay for him to be there. I don't know if they will remind me ( I'll ask tomorrow)
    5 ) If anyone gets bitten they remove the dog that is the aggressive one and ask them NOT to return they have a one shot your out policy.
    6) they said to feel free to stop in or call whenever you want to check in
    7) they have a web cam in every play area to look in on the dogs only inside

    I have to ask all the other questions tomorrow thank you sooooo much they are so many important things to ask and I'm going to take him by myself tomorrow and if I want to return I'm going to make a surprise visit with my DH so he can look around.

    That is a great idea about showing up early to see the conditions. I'm going to arrange to leave work a little early tomorrow and show up to look around.



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    DefaultRe: Doggie daycare Questions

    I think your good to go. Set your standard and stick to it. If they dont meet your standard, move to the next place. If the conditions are the same when you arrive and when you leave, they probably say on top of the mess pretty well. Its hard to clean up after that many dogs, but its gotta be done to be safe...

    Good Luck, let us know the outcome of your visit.


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