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    DefaultPlay biting with humans

    Hello all my 4ish month old lab is currently teething and he loves people and I'm afraid his play biting might hurt someone. I've done the mouthing training I was looking for maybe another supplemental training so he stops biting skin. Thanks!

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    I don't know if this would be of any help, but we were having the same problem with our 10 week old lab, and my hands and arms were taking the worst of it. We did the hand insertion with restraint to back of head, but that resulted in marginal improvement. We did the "No bite!" correction, too, but it got so bad that I actually wore gloves while handling him. He wasn't being aggressive, or intending to hurt, but his mouthing was really a problem.

    That's when we tried a spray called Bitter Apple. We sprayed the backs of our hands, and did our wrists and forearms, but not our palms (didn't want to spread the scent to his toys, treats, or his coat). The instructions say to spray the inside of the dog's mouth when they try to bite (avoid contact with dog's eyes and nose), but we never had to go that far. For us, it worked wonders.

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    My lab just gets all excited when playing and gets a bit rough.Usually 15 minutes in the crate to calm down does it and he won't play bite anymore. He normally doesn't play bite but he is still a puppy and is learning. A "time out" does him good.
    I don't believe in using sprays or junk like that.Who knows what is in the stuff that can hurt your dog?There seems to be a lot of recalls on everything anymore I don't even use dog treats,I use cheerios for treats when training my Lab
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