The dog stinks
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Thread: The dog stinks

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    DefaultThe dog stinks

    Kimba went in some water he should not have gotten into today. He stinks like a sewage treatment plant., any suggestions on how we can get the stink out? I bathed him once, just rinsed him in water and the second time used some doggie shampoo, he still smells HORRIBLE!! HELP

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    DefaultRe: The dog stinks

    Put a mixture of Listerine and water in a spray bottle and give him a spritz.....

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    DefaultRe: The dog stinks

    looks like someone is sleeping in the hall tonight....he still stinks after the mouthwash spritzer :-[

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    DefaultRe: The dog stinks

    This sounds horrible for their coat... but here is a solution that might work:

    1 quart (or liter) of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, H2O2.
    Use fresh (unopened) hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Hydrogen peroxide eventually turns into water (H2O).
    1/4 cup (50 ml.) of Baking Soda
    1 teaspoon (5 ml.) of Liquid Soap
    1 pair of plastic or latex gloves

    To Use
    Bathe the dog outside or, if it's too dark or cold, in the bathroom with the door closed and window opened.
    Combine the ingredients in an open container (do not store in a sealed bottle--it will explode).
    Using gloves, wash your dog with lukewarm water and the mixture while the mixture is bubbling. Work the mixture well into the fur.
    Be sure to concentrate on the area that is soiled.
    Keep mixture away from your dog's face and eyes (it's a harsh solution).
    Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes or so before rinsing off.
    Rinse the dog with lukewarm tap water. Don't wash the mixture into your dog's eyes (use a washcloth to cover the eyes if you're rinsing the head).

    How it works
    In industrial applications, alkaline hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used for scrubbing similar compounds from waste gas streams.
    Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, when combined, become a "chemical engine" for churning out oxygen. That's why it has to be used immediately after mixing. The soap breaks up the oils, allowing the other ingredients to do their work.

    Alternatively... I have read that liquid dish soap works wonders on foul odor soiled dogs, but it also can't be good on the coat!
    ~Jo & CoCo


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