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    well, today i was very bored. So i thought i would teach koa a game that i like to call Hide&Seek. Others might call it "find it"

    I grab an object, bring it up to koa put it next to his nose so he can smell it and then i say very happily, and energetically, "GOOD BOY KOEY GOOD SEEK! GOOD SEEK! GOOD BOY BUBBAAHS! GOOD SEEK!!" Then i say, "koa go hide!!" (points to crate) and he runs in then i started out easy, hiding the object out in the open. When im done hiding the object i say, "OK koey SEEK SEEK SEEK!" and he finds it and i say "GOOD BOYY BUBBAAHHSS! GOOD SEEK GOOD SEEK!!" then i go tell him to hide so we can play all over again. I got it to the point where when he finds it he sits nicely and gives a silent little bark to tell me that he has found the object.
    Now Im hiding it in such crazy places and he's finding it in 30 sec. tops!! I've even switched objects, gone outside. Everytime he gets its sent his tail wags back and forth so fast, and when he finds it he gets the happiest look on his face ;D
    This dawwwg amazes me.

    i just wanted to share thank you for listening to me boast.

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    DefaultRe: Amazing nose..

    How old is Koa?? I"m wondering if Bailey is too young. She's five months. Sounds like a fun game ;D

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    DefaultRe: Amazing nose..

    Yes, that's a great game to play with your dog. And, no, 5 mos. isn't too young to learn. If you look at the thread here 'what to do', this game and others are discussed. They learn so much through play, and they love it!


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