Healthy Treats for Teething Puppies
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Thread: Healthy Treats for Teething Puppies

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    DefaultHealthy Treats for Teething Puppies

    Here are some healthy treats that I've been giving to my teething puppy: Ice wedges, frozen carrots, frozen apple wedges. My dog likes to play with these as much as she likes to chew them. She likes the frozen carrots best. The cold helps ease the teething discomfort. Anything frozen can make a mess on the floor if it goes un-eaten and melts, so you'll need to monitor. Also, I haven't tried this yet, but freeze a Kong.

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    Fill a KONG with Yogurt and chunks of apples, bananas, blueberries etc. cap each end with peanut butter and put in freezer over night. Also, wet a wash cloth and put in freezer...great teething tool.

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    Nice post! I learned a new healthy tip for the teeth my new dog and I can use this advice to him. Thank you and keep sharing!

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    Any fruit, veggies! My dogs love blueberries, watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, carrots and bananas.

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