Playing on our bed??
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Thread: Playing on our bed??

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    QuestionPlaying on our bed??

    I was wondering if anyone had some tips or advice on how to start teaching a 13 week old that beds are for snuggling? We have decided to allow him on our bed, not the whole night, but at various times during the day. So, I want him to start learning early that our bed is a place where we "settle" or quietly chew a bone. He has been sleeping about 8 hours but has an internal clock for 6:01. So we let him out and then we let him on the bed in the hopes he will rest a bit more. Let me clarify though I know he is a puppy and is ready to play so I realize the amount of time he will "settle" is limited but I want to start early teaching him what we want. This morning we last about 5 minutes. Then I got up and he ate and we have been playing. Our other two dogs (beagle and a coton) both know that our bed is for sleeping but for the life of me I can't remember what we did. Lol, probably because I'm sleepy. I think we might have put them on the floor if they were "playing" and jumping around and kept doing that until one day they got it. Hopefully this makes sense??? I cannot wait until he gets his last vaccine in 3 weeks (plus 10 days) and we can really go play. Thanks for any advice you may have.

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    I had the same issue with my lab! She was in training to be a guide dog and was released recently so she is finally allowed on furniture. I wanted her to sleep on the bed with me, but all she wanted to do was jump up and play. She would sprint and leap up onto the bed, jump around, then leap back off and repeat haha. What I started doing is telling her "down" the second she hopped on the bed. If she laid down, she got calm praise and petting (if you get excited they get excited too). If she kept running around, I told her "off" and pushed her off the bed (not hard, and my bed isn't high). We kept doing this for a couple weeks and now she understands and is the biggest cuddler on the bed! Good luck.

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