Giving a puppy yogurt
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    DefaultGiving a puppy yogurt

    We just discovered Haley has a UTI so she is on a 2 week dose of clavamox. The vet also thinks she may have vaginitis as I had mentioned seeing a small amount of yellowish thick discharge around the vulva. I am trying to keep it as clean as possible.
    I have heard that giving her a bit of greek yogurt can help? Will giving her a tablespoon every day help with the vaginitis? If so should I stick to plain low fat or are flavoured kinds ok to give her?

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    You are better off going to your local health food store and picking up some probiotics to give during the duration of her antibiotic use, even extending at the least, to about 2 weeks beyond the completion of her antibiotics. The strength of probiotics will be much more than what you are going to get in any yogurt, therefore giving her more benefit to control unhealthy bacteria overgrowth.

    Yogurt may have friendly bacteria, but the amount is much less than the amount you will get in probiotics. If you do decide to go ahead and feed some yogurt, make sure it is plain yogurt without any sugar or sweetener added as this feed unhealthy bacteria and be counter-productive to healing her.

    I give my dogs a probiotic capsule daily with their food. It keeps the healthy bacteria in the digestive system well populated, resulting in bad bacteria being kept under control and not being allowed to proliferate. Since your little girl is already suffering from bacteria overgrowth, it would be a good idea to include probiotics in her diet on a regular basis.

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    Ok thanks! I didn't even think of probiotic capsules...I am going to pick some up for her today

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    +1 on probiotic capsules vs yogurt. Yogurt is fine to give to dogs, but you may have more luck with the capsules as stated above!

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