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    SmileHelp - separation anxiety

    Hey guys, need your experience.

    Toby is 10 months old black lab cross staffy (we think). He was a rescue and they knew very little about him except he was able to be with another dog and severely malnourished. We got him home and found he had little/no experience of the outdoors and major issues if we tried to leave a room. Howling barking whining you name it. We made the mistake of leaving him free reign when we went to work (on his own for 4 hours) and although he wasn't destructive, he was pooing and weeing in the house. There are lots of little issues like he is only just learning a ball is for fun and chewing helps his teething. I think he's been left in a garden constantly without stimulation and the rescue centre has taught him sit and stay.

    The big problem is leaving him. After a major incident after 5 hours - he got a battery and bit it til the acid was over our sofa and poo everywhere. A dirty protest to not leave him. We've tried crating him but that is very distressing for him given some bad experiences and the separation. We have created a room for him but he's not able to hold the peeing and pooing till I get home and still howls. We tried a stair gate 1m tall but he's got long legs and literally does the high jump backwards over it using the wall for propulsion. We closed the door but he has learnt to open doors with the handles. We are having to work ATM so only weekends to do major training. Will be going to classes but hoped people could help with how to get him used to us being in a different room without him having to follow us and the pooing/weeing in his room.

    Soon as I'm home he nips my hands and jumping on me. I'm ignoring it but his teeth are sharp. He then calms down and won't let me out of his sight. "Stay" only works for a short time before he's jumping to be with me.

    Please help. I don't want to be causing him distress and want to help him get over his anxieties.

    Michelle x

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    read up on crate training.
    slowly introduce the crate and make positive associations to it (google crate games for free online videos). feed him in the crate (door open), toss high valu treats for him to find..

    sign up for classes. work on his self confidence and challenge his brain.

    make sure he gets plenty of physical off leash exercise daily.

    you may want to talk with a behaviorist for more one on one help and tips and a program.

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    Thanks, we have tried crating but he really doesn't like it. He shakes the crate and cries. We go for long walks in the morning before hand until he is tired with the hope hell rest but in the crate he won't. He also wees himself in the crate and directs it outwards.

    We are starting classes on Thursdays and are in touch with a behaviourist from the rescue centre. We are doing all we can but are worried for him.

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    Good luck-I hope the classes will help with his crate training issues. I honestly think the crate is my best friend. It gives Piper a safe place to be and it keeps my house safe from her. Big dogs are puppies on the inside for so long that they can try your patience for sure-and with his background I am sure it will be even harder for you-you are awesome for rescuing!

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    DefaultWhat worked for us

    We have a lab/great dane mix (a rescue) who has separation anxiety. We crated him while we were gone and put an old shirt of my husband's in the crate since he was closer to him. That really helped. Then, we adopted another dog and that really helped him. Another dog gives him some company. The tv left on the animal planet channel also helped.

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