Day Care (try it.. you will like it if you have a brat)
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Thread: Day Care (try it.. you will like it if you have a brat)

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    DefaultDay Care (try it.. you will like it if you have a brat)

    Someone from JL,,once suggested (Doggie Day Care) for Moses
    I really kinda fought this
    My thoughts were
    -do these other dog have fleas and ticks
    -Are the dogs friendly
    - I can't afford it
    - I go to work before they open for business

    Just picked Moses up from his first day a doggie day care
    Moses is still wiped out after only 4 hours.
    I can't afford it every day..but plan an taking him once a week or every other week on the weekend.
    Got to do a lot of catch up work today @ home .

    Moses got an excellent report card..Very proud of my handsome boy..
    I am from the old school. But would now recommend this to all dog owners....not every day..
    But try it...

    I know next time I have a spring/ summer party Moses will do to day care. so when the folks arrive...Moses will be as calm as ever..
    Again working this into my schedule at least once a week or every other week

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    It's good to hear that the doggie daycare is working out and Moses loves it! I think it's good for the dogs and most enjoy the doggie socializing and play.

    I take my dog to a doggie play class and she loves it! It's a group of up to 12 dogs that have become great friends. They learn their doggie manners and how to play nice with other dogs. The trainers monitor the play group to ensure all dogs play nice with each other. Bad or obnoxious behaviour is corrected. It is amazing how the dogs progress as time goes on. When they first join the class, especially the puppies, they can be as wild as can be, or sometimes, it's the other way around.....they are very shy and do not want to interact with the other dogs. As time goes on, the wild ones really calm down and the shy ones tend to build more confidence and learn to enjoy playing with another dog. It's money well spent as far as I'm concerned. If it's available in your area, it's a great opportunity for your dog to have a great time and fine tune their doggie social skills.

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