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    DefaultHousecrate train??

    Howdy yall!

    I am currently crate training my 12 week pup Thor. How long do y'all think he will be housebroken?

    Admittedly, not being able to sleep at night (crying at night/taking him out to potty) paired with going to school is starting to catch up to me physically and mentally (a little tired!!).

    Also, I have carpet so it's a little more tough to clean as I have to find the spots I think he eliminated and soak it with Nature's miracle as opposed to wooden floors.

    I can't wait for him to be able to run free around the house without having to worry. I am constantly supervising him like a hawk when I am there, and crate him when I am busy. Do you guys have any advice?

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    This is one thing I am good at . ( house training).
    I had a divider in the crate (only used this for 3 days till my dogs had the full cage)
    Always made sure that when I got a new pup i would try to get a Thursday or Friday to have 3 or 4 days to spend with them before going to work
    Labs are easy to break especially males
    Take the extra time now to make your life easier later with clean up
    Don't give Thor the whole cage
    Only give him less then half the cage
    Make small trips say 1 hour to 3 hours
    As soon as u get home ..carry Thor outside (don't let him touch the ground till u get outside)
    Then the next day if their are no accidents give him a bit more room
    If u are gone for more then 4 hours make sure u have someone let him out (a young pup can't hold it pass 4 hrs)
    If you are up in the middle of the might u get up regardless and carry Thor out side. (do it everythime you are up)
    This extra effort on your part will make life easier for u latter
    The when Thor goes outside praise the hell out of him ( jump up clap tell him he is the best dog ever)
    After he eats or drinks take him out ,,if u play with him in the house then take him out..

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