I know digging is a natural instinct for our dogs...it's so difficult to stop them from doing it no matter how much we yell or deter them. I have tried most of the remedies to restrict digging, and some seem to work. Our oldest lab is no longer a digger at all (he will be 4 this summer) but his 8 month old companion just loves getting his paws in the dirt. I am just curious as to what deterrents have worked best for everyone? With Murphy (big brother), it was a lot of verbal correction and at one point a light sprinkle of cayenne in the worst spots. I'm considering letting Ash (the pup) go to town in my garden to work up the soil...free tilling, right? It is completely fenced off with a gate so he wouldn't be able to access it unless one of us lets him in. Good idea, or worst idea ever? Just wanting to hear some other owner's experiences. TIA!