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    QuestionAdvice needed ..

    Uno our 9 weeks old puppy is uncomfortable in car ..starts crying whenever we take him it normal at this age and if not any a tips to avoid this...

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    Let the other comment too

    Me I always had my dogs as buddies,,where i went they went.
    All mine pups were not crazy about the car
    They say do short trips ..( like to happy places ..parks or to see other pups or people) etc
    Maybe give a treat to them in the car too..(at least getting into the car.}
    Don't get in the car and drive right away..spend some time in the CAR with Uno before you take off

    Moses my dog is 7 months old.
    Cries like someone is killing him in the car..(now this not normal)
    Doing all in my power to get to the bottom of this too

    Uno is cute as hell nice pic

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    Our Piper cried for the first week and now she likes it. The only time she fusses is when the teens take her to the drive thru at McDonalds....I think she smells the grease!!!!

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    My pup cried at first. I started taking her with me when I drop my kids at school in the morning. Now, at 13 weeks, she loves it and gets excited when she hears my keys.

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