Odie ate a dead bird-YUCK
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Thread: Odie ate a dead bird-YUCK

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    DefaultOdie ate a dead bird-YUCK

    Hello fellow lab lovers!

    My 9 month old lab, Odie, just went out in the backyard and found a dead robin. Not sure if the Robin's demise was due to slamming into a window, a cat killed it and left it behind on our patio (less likely), or it was sick/poisoned, etc. Odie got a hold of it and despite thinking we had a pretty solid "Drop it" command and "Come" command, he was zooming all over the back yard as he intermittently dropped it on the ground to sniff it and then pick it back up and chomp on it. I finally caught up with him and pulled a good portion out of his mouth (gagging while I was doing so), but he definitely ingested part of the poor bird. I plan on watching him closely (and his poop) for the next couple of days. I realize he might throw up as well, if this particular food source didn't agree with his stomach. This episode only highlights the absolute necessity to have a rock solid "Drop it" command. He starts his Puppy II class on Feb 27, but I think I'll schedule a few private sessions with a dog trainer as well (we need to work on his leash walking and playing on the pool cover-see old post). Any other tips or issues regarding the bird eating?

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    Don't feel too bad about the ordeal. We've had the same thing here. Overall, my dog is very good for dropping something when asked, but when my other dog is with her and she catches something along the line of a bird, chipmunk or squirrel, forget it!

    It doesn't help because the other dog is chasing her around trying to see what she has in her mouth, so between him and me trying to catch her and get her to drop it, it's a dead end. LOL, LOL

    She is no worse for wear after eating the critters......so I don't worry about it anymore.

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    Thank you for that reassurance. He does seem fine. His poop that night smelled so putrid that I was gagging from the moment it came out of him until I could get the bag in the garbage can at the end of the block on our walk. You are absolutely correct, that dead bird was such a "high value treat", at least in his mind, there was no way I was going to get him to willingly release it with my command and treat bribe to do so, at least not at this point. I love your picture too with the pooches looking out from the tree. That is so adorable. Odie is a black lab as well.

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