Puppy Has Diarrhea Every 2 weeks
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Thread: Puppy Has Diarrhea Every 2 weeks

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    DefaultPuppy Has Diarrhea Every 2 weeks

    Hi All,

    I brought home an 8 week old puppy about two and half months ago and for the most part, he has been great. Took him only about two weeks to be fully housebroken, and so far (knock on wood) he has not done anything destructive.

    One issue we are having though is what seems to be regular GI issues. About every 2 weeks it seems, he has diarrhea where he is getting up at all hours of the night to go out. The good news is that while I am home and this is happening, he lets me know he has to go outside and we avoid accidents. The bad news is that when I am out of the house, he can make a mess of his crate. While it is obviously annoying, getting up at night does not bother me. What bothers me is that he is occasionally having to go in his crate, and I can imagine that is very uncomfortable and stressful for him.

    Typically when this happens I immediately switch him to a boiled chicken and rice diet until it is gone. Then it's back to his regular food (IAMS large breed puppy) and he will be fine for another week or two.

    At first I thought it may be food related, so I switched him to blue buffalo puppy food, but this made his GI problems even worse. The vet said that he, like many of her patients, simply could not handle that high protein diet at this stage.

    Some background: I live in a city, but I am constantly with him outside and he never gets into anything he shouldn't. Inside the house, the same rings true. I have never seen him get into the garbage and he has never been fed human food or scraps.

    Any insight would be much appreciated. Hoping to find a solution quickly.


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    Perhaps the constant diet changes might have something to do with it? Have you had the vet send of a sample?.

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    I wouldn't say he has constant diet changes. I put him on rice and chicken to ease him stomach, and when I reintroduce his normal food, he is fine. I have sent two stool samples to the vet and both came back negative.

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    I think you still need to find the right food that works for him, I agree with others you can't switch alot, but I would try another one for a month and see how it goes (unless of course its real bad from the get go), maybe lower in protein as vet suggested.

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