Barking in older dogs' faces
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Thread: Barking in older dogs' faces

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    DefaultBarking in older dogs' faces

    Our 11 week old Lab is dying to play with our two older dogs, a 9 year old yellow Lab and a 10 year old Pug/beagle mix. They want nothing to do with playing, and they just look away. He has now taken to barking constantly in their faces to provoke play, and it's super annoying. I'm not sure how to break this habit. He does have a playmate (our neighbors have an 11 week old Golden) that he plays with almost daily, and we play with him a LOT. But he is a pup, and wants to play, play, play with EVERYONE. Any tips to stop this behavior for the sake of our older pups and our ears?

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    At the park, there are lots of puppies too trying to provoke other dogs to play. If you have safe yard at home, look for a nice bouncy toys or balls he can chase. Our George loves this sturdy ball that can be filled with treats inside, see here StarMark Everlasting Fun Ball Medium 2.75"
    It really makes our George occupied for hours chasing the ball around and getting some treats. You may keep your pup away from your older dogs to prevent any fighting or snapping habit between them, always supervise them.
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