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    Please help!!! I posted the other day and haven't received a response. I would like any opinion on how best to integrate my 13 week old puppy with my cat. We have had Piper since she was six weeks old and she completely respects our oldest cat. Unfortunately in the last couple of weeks she has taken to chasing the younger cat and this morning she nipped at Weezy. We've barricaded the stairs so the cats can go upstairs for peace and I've taken to spraying Bitter Apple at Piper when she has the cat cornered but it doesn't seem to bother her. I really don't want her to hurt the cat, please someone respond with some good advice!!

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    There is a new thread in lab chat that discusses this topic already. Maybe look at that and see if it answers your questions. Traffic here is pretty slow, so you have to be patient for someone with the experience you need to respond.

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    We also have cat Mr. Dart and he ignores George all the time, but of course our playful dog would like to keep him to play, we always just give him enough space to escape. There are times we hear George cry from Dart's paw so we know he's learning not to mess with him. I believe cats and kitties can always protect themselves, just as long as they have space to escape.
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