How to get 5 month old to sleep later?
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Thread: How to get 5 month old to sleep later?

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    DefaultHow to get 5 month old to sleep later?

    Hello. We have an almost 5 month old male lab. He has "slept through the night" since about 10 weeks. By this I mean bedtime around 9, up at 5. I would like to sleep until 7. Even when we keep him up later, he is still up at 5. He will potty, then if I put him back in the crate he just whines and barks. He will go back to sleep if I lay downstairs on the couch and let him sleep on my legs. If I try uncrating him in the bedroom he gets into EvERYTHinG.

    How do I get him to sleep later?


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    The only way I know of is to wait for him to get a bit older, when he'll start sleeping a bit longer or learns to settle once let out for a potty break.. I think it's part of raising a puppy. Mine started settling and sleeping in longer after a while. Now I get up earlier than my two and they drag their butts when I want to get going in the morning.

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    He's obviously in to the routine of getting up at 5am now and it's going to take a while to break the cycle. By letting him out of the crate you're giving him the attention he wants so he will continue to whine and bark as he has learned that's how he makes you go to him. It will be hard work but you just have to ignore it. Eventually he will learn. Have you tried moving the crate out of the bedroom so you're not as disturbed by the noise until he learns to settle down?

    My 11 month old whines every morning at 7am as she has learned this is the time we get up and go to her. It used to be 6am as I used to get up at that time in my old job. Getting her used to staying quiet an hour longer was difficult as she would whine constantly but she eventually go the hang of it. She sleeps downstairs in the kitchen so would never see us getting up but there were triggers that would set her off - the alarm clock going off, the toilet flushing etc.
    we made sure we set our alarms for when we were actually getting up (instead of a long snooze like before as she would start whining as soon as she heard the first alarm), if we got up to go to the toilet before 7 we wouldn't pull the flush (sounds gross but it was only for a week until she settled down).
    But the main thing we did was just ignored it. It was like crate training her all over again - ignore the crying and let her out when she was quiet. It would probably be easier if you had your pup sleep in a different room as the noise won't be as loud and he won't see when you are awake. If you want to keep him in your bedroom try covering the crate so he can't see if you are moving around and awake and just stick at it. He will learn eventually. Like I said - it's like re-training him to be in the crate.

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