Selective food aggression??
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Thread: Selective food aggression??

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    DefaultSelective food aggression??

    Hi guys,
    Long time reading, first time poster. We have a yellow Labrador Max who is almost 5 months old. 95% of the time he is a perfect dog but an odd time he has snarled and tried to bite us aggressively. It is always with regard to food, however it's not that straight forward. Any dog food I could easily take away and put back without any signs of aggression. However when it comes to people food, it is another matter.

    Specifically chicken has caused problems. If there was a dinner left on a low table, and if he got into the room, he would jump up, assume an aggressive protective stance over it and growl and or bite (not very hard but still aggressively) the person trying to take it away. Only today He was chewing on a wrapper which used to contain a chicken sandwich which was in the trash and as I went to take it away he went for me and left a bruise. Five minutes later he was licking me as if nothing had happened.

    This is our second Labrador, our first unfortunately had a stroke and died at 8 months. Max is from a completely different line but still thorough bred with papers to prove it.

    I'm in Ireland, and all advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Research "Nothing In Life Is Free" and implement. Time to hand feed his meals to him so that he learns that the food is yours, not his. I had the same issue with one of mine when he was a pup. Hand feeding solved the problem.

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    Clearly this dog can't be trusted with high value items. He also doesn't respect you as he thinks HE can claim the good stuff. TRAINING TRAINING TRAINING

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