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    QuestionLittermate syndrome?

    Hi! It's been a long time since I've been on the forum. I used to come on here and brag and get advice for my black lab Lucy. We lost Lucy about 22 months ago to cancer. I still have Buddy who is an 8 year old lab mix. Recently we adopted a new puppy. The mom is chocolate lab and the dad is American bulldog, a big boy. Roxy is now 11 weeks old. We got her at 6 weeks, which I thought was young, but the lady we got her from said that the mom had stopped feeding them at about 4 weeks so the family had continued to bottle feed then switch to dry food. Things were going fairly well with Roxy, other than the fact she was annoying Buddy all the time. Haha. Then the lady we got her from contacted me and asked if there was any way we could take Roxy's sister. Her husband was tired of having puppies in the house (There were 10 total) and he had told her she either get rid of them that weekend or he would. So naturally we took her sister. Lexi is the complete opposite of Roxy. She's a lover and Roxy is a spitfire. haha Once we got Lexi potty training started off well, then Roxy got a UTI las week and we basically had to start over with her. She doesn't even stop to sniff anymore in the house. She'll be walking and just out of nowhere squat. Could this still be remnants of the UTI? We're working on crate training and still with potty training. We've started walking them separately on leash to go potty. We've been crating them for an hour, taking them straight outside to potty, let them come in and get a drink and play for maybe 30 minutes if they go potty, and then back in the crate. It was working until last night when Roxy just peed 4 times within an hour after having been outside right before. Should I be worried about littermate syndrome? We try to do things with them separately and walk them separately daily. Train them separately. Any tips?


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    peeing four times in an hour could be a UTI. also, having a new puppy in the home is an extreme distraction for a pup that age so it coudl be she just has much less focus and ability to think about warning you she needs to pee.

    Yes you absolutely need to worry about littermate syndrome. each pup needs their own crate and one on one time wtih you. MUCH MORE now as they develop. They need one on one time with you for training and bonding. they need as much time apart as possible during the day and as much time with you individually as you can manage in a day.

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    Well she's still on antibiotics for another 6 days for the UTI. They each have their own crate and they eat and sleep in their own crate. We walk them individually outside for potty breaks. I've got a torn ligament in my ankle at the moment, but I still manage to hobble down the street and back with each one individually. When we do let them play together it's mostly rough housing, but they always include my older dog too. Before we started crate training more they had spent a lot of time practially on top of each other cuddled up when not playing, so I think the crating has helped. We've been working on the basics for training, sit, come, leave it, off, drop it, all individually. Hopefully this will be enough for now. Once her infection is more under control we'll get more into the rest of the training.

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    Yes it sounds like it's probably due to the UTI.

    I'd recommend contacting a lab rescue (or even an allbreed rescue) in your area and ask for assistance in helping to place one of the puppies. Littermates are very difficult for the average home to raise and two of the same sex with that breed mix have a good chance of same sex aggression issues once hormones kick in.

    FYI ALL moms start weaning their puppies at around 4wks, that's completely normal, and that's when the BREEDER (anyone who allowed their dog to get pregnant and have the litter) has to do the work!! Litters should stay together until they're 8wks. Period.

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