First new puppy! Have some questions..
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Thread: First new puppy! Have some questions..

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    DefaultFirst new puppy! Have some questions..

    Hi guys and gals!

    Im new to the forum, and my wife and i are getting our first puppy on Saturday. He (Moose) is a rescue dog, that apparently the owner did not have enough time for him. He is a 4.5 month old chocolate lab/mix, already knows his basics (sit, lay down, stay), is housetrained for the most part, and fetches and returns very well. He will be a house/family dog, and with some training will hopfully be my occasional hunting buddy as well

    I am slightly concerned, since he seems very skiddish. The 1st time we met him, he sniffed me and backed off, but within about 30 minutes was on my lap when i was sitting on the floor, and he was licking my face. I read up alot on this, and it sounds like the best thing to do is get him out to meet people/animals and get used to as many different people and places as possible (obviously over time).

    My question is, how long should we let him acclimate to his new home before we start socializing him with other people/dogs/places? I wanted to get him out and introduce him to my parents Golden puppy, and my sister and laws black lab, and my 2 neices. I was thinking of doing that this weekend, but im afraid he might get confused being in a new home and then getting moved around so much the same weekend.

    Any suggestions? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    Here is Moose

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    Great pic- He is a good looking pup I would personally take it a bit slow- let him get used to you and your wife and his new home first. That way he know you guys are his safe spot if he is nervous when out and about

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