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    ExclamationHelp! Tired New Dad!

    Hi all,

    My fiancee and I just brought home Otis, an 8 week-old Chocolate Lab Puppy, three days ago (Saturday).

    After being at home for a few hours, he got tired, and we put him in his crate. He fell asleep and didn't whine, until a bit later when he had to go out.

    Our first two nights have been really good. He hasn't whined too much, and I've gotten up at around 2am, when he's gone #1 and #2 both nights. He's then been pretty easy to put back down, and has slept until around 6 both mornings.

    I've been ecstatic about the nights!

    During the days we had a few accidents the first few days, but today only 1 so far. I've been very proactive, and he knows his spot outside pretty well.

    My problems are pretty simple, I feel. Otis usually falls asleep, or is about to, and I put him in his crate, and he is fine. When he wakes up he whines a bit, but I also know to take him outside right away, and he's fine.

    He seems to take to the crate pretty well when he is sleepy or about to take a nap.

    However, I've tried to get him to be introduced to the crate when he's awake, he doesn't seem to take too well-I think I made the mistake both yesterday and today of moving too fast- he threw a big fit when I tried, and I tried not responding, but his howls and barks were horribly loud, and i caved.

    I work from home full time, but didn't really have any chance to work too much today, and I'm really strung out, and I don't want to give Otis a stressful transition, but I also don't want to feel like I can never leave him. I realize it's only been 3 days, but I'm freaking out! Any help would be appreciated!!!

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    Hi there! I have not posted on this forum in ages but I am willing to bet things are already better? We just added a dane puppy a few weeks ago and days 1-3 were awesome, days 4-11 TERRIBLE! Opposite of you though she wouldn't calm in the crate at night, I did the thing you aren't supposed to and took her to the couch with me! Pretty soon she began to acclimate and also...a frozen peanut butter filled kong was PERFECT for getting her to chill in the crate during the day, works like a pacifier! Keep up the work it will pay off!!

    Forever in our hearts Jake

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    You're not the only tired puppy parent. We are going through some similar things. However, I do have to say that you messed up a little, NEVER GIVE IN TO THE CRIES!!!! I know it hurts, but let them cry. You should never come to them unless they are being quiet, or you will be reinforcing the bad behavior. Start making the crate a positive place. Have him eat in there, leave little treats for him to find, give him a stuffed Kong (peanut butter is bacon's favorite), or a safe chew (nylabone, nothing that he could choke on!) when he is in the kennel. Slowly increase the amount of time that he is in there alone, rewarding him for good behavior. If the whining gets to be too much, let him know it is unacceptable. Bacon knows that a FIRM, NOT ANGRY Hush means he needs to settle down.

    It will get better, I promise!! Proper exercise, a good feeding schedule, and controlled nap times will help get him into the routine. Good Luck!
    Julie & Jake, Bacon's Humans


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