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    Our puppy Toby is almost 6 months old. He is a lab with a very little bit of rot in him. I know he's teething very badly, but I don't know what to do. He bites hard at my hands and arms. I give him things to chew on...an old slipper, bones, any of his toys. Those just don't work. He doesn't do it to my husband. I have tried everything I can to shows him who's boss, nothing works. Any advice on how to get him to stop biting at me. There are times that its bad and I have a hard time getting him to calm down. Thanks in advance.

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    Im having the same problem with my 5mth old choc lab Cad'Bree.
    She's constantly chew things, and Nips us quite alot. She's hasnt lost her canine teeth yet, I'm hoping once she does there'll be a difference. She's quite hypo and gets more out of control when she's over excited.
    She doesn't bite my hubby either, but mouths me and my kids.

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    Do you go to obedience classes with toby? I ask because when my lab was going through this she always did it more to my bf than me as I am her main trainer as my bf works more than me so he's not always able to come with me to her training ect and I think she saw him as an easier target almost as though she thought she could get away with it! main thing is perseverance, its hard i was ready to pull my hair out sometimes but the earlier you catch it the better for you and toby. If she got really out of hand; as her bitting when she did it seemed to be excitement based then i would encourage her to her cage to have a time out and that worked a treat as she would settle and as soon as she settled to sleep i would open the door and she would just come out and cuddle up to sleep. Hope u get it sorted

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