Starting to teeth and chewing furniture........
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Thread: Starting to teeth and chewing furniture........

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    UnhappyStarting to teeth and chewing furniture........

    Odie (4 1/2 months) is almost a perfect puppy! He has been kept in the kitchen area for most of his awake time, except when outside in the backyard, on walks, or in other parts of the house when we take him with us and he is watched. We have been successful in leaving him in the kitchen area without issue since he joined our family at 8 weeks old. However.....he is probably starting to teeth now and it shows. Because he's been such a champ, we started to give him some more "privileges". Specifically letting him hang out in the family room, usually stretched out on the couch with our 9 year old lab. Opening up the kitchen gate (when we were home and downstairs in this area), so he could expand his territory into the family room and have access to the back door (to try and have him practice going up to the door to let us know when he has to potty) seemed like the next step. We moved too fast because despite having lots of things to chew on in the toy basket, he chewed off the side of our wood coffee table and one of the spindles on the bottom of a wooden chair, all in the family room, all done in a matter of minutes when we were distracted. So.......we are back to restricting him to the kitchen area unless watched constantly in all areas, including the family room.
    Here's my question, what do you recommend for lab puppies that are beginning to teeth? I have some marrow/knuckle bones that I cook (used to give them raw, but I think they are too rich that way) in addition to kongs, tons of chew toys, etc. Is there any thing I'm missing?? I read somewhere about freezing a wet washcloth and giving that to chew on, but Odie didn't seem too interested in that. Thanks for any tips!
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    Odie is beautiful! Most of us here stick with chew toys. The wet washcloth idea is an interesting idea...we've never tried that before.

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    I k now you mentioned you have lots of toys, but have you tried the nylabone puppy teething keys? Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys: Pet Supplies

    Something about the texture of the rubber, and the shape of the keys, Archie (5 months) gets a lot of satisfaction out of gnawing on them.

    Also, he loves his elk antler.

    He wasn't very interested in the washcloth thing either. He craves wood now that he's teething, so I do let him have very supervised times chewing on a large branch in the yard. I'm careful to take away all small pieces, and I limit him to about 5 minutes of chewing at a time.

    He also gets a lot of satisfaction out of trying to destroy something. His favourite for this is the tuffy pig. He's now on his second one: Tuffy's Polly Pig Dog Toy: Pet Supplies

    Despite all this, he still does go for the coffee table. Like I said, they seem to crave wood while they are teething. Just supervise closely, and maybe try some different toys.

    Good luck!

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    Laura- Thanks for those suggestions. I just went on-line to a site I like called KV Vet and ordered as you suggested. They have good pricing. What about Bitter Apple spray? Have you (or anyone else here on the forum) tried that with success? I recall trying it with my now 9 yr old yellow lab when she was chewing on herself like crazy, but it didn't work at all. Of course, we now know that poor little gal had terrible allergies and her itching was probably so awful that nothing could really keep her from scratching and chewing on herself (she is now on Cyclosporin or Atopia for her allergies and it's given her a much better quality of life)....anyway, that had been my previous experience with the Bitter Apple and thought I'd try that too. Right now my little "teether" is happily gnawing on a large knuckle bone.

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