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    I am having trouble with my German shepherd/black lab puppy. He does know leave it but he needs lots more training with it as he only listens to the command when he wants! He is 6 months and we were told 6 months is the "terrible two's" of a toddler... He has for the most part stopped eating the rocks (thread 26 week old puppy problems- Smokey) however he thinks everything is his and only takes things to get you to chase him. When we take him outside ad try to play ball or frisbee with him to use up some of his energy, as we do understand the breed is a high energy dog, he won't play as much as he does inside. We have a large yard-perfect for passing a ball and frisbee! We try not to chase him when he takes things but whenever we take the things from him, he thinks it's playtime and comes at us with an open mouth and is nipping at us and leaving marks (not breaking the skin though) but we do not want this to turn into a big problem in the future!! He has also reached the height where he can jump up to the counter. We obViously do not want this to continue either. 2 people in the house have almost established the "I'm in control" stage but the other two can't control him at all... Help please!!!!!

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    Hey Smokey...hang in there. The wonderful members of this community will chime in with some help for you. Stay positive.

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