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    Ok guys, I need some help with house training. Theo is 5 months old now and he is still not house trained. I have tried treating him and praising him for going outside but it doesn't seem to be doing any help. I have been consistently treating every time he potties outside and offering praise and play time after he potties outside as well. He has a specific spot in the yard where he potties and can actually pee on command if I take him to his spot and tell him "go potty".

    Despite all this, he still doesn't get that he isn't supposed to go inside the house. He also doesn't know how to tell me that he needs to go potty. I still have to watch him closely and watch for his signs that he needs to go and then I get him outside. Sometimes I still catch him mid pee or poo and I will say a firm "No, outside". Then I take him outside and if he finishes outside, he gets a treat, praise, etc. I always make sure that I clean up any accidents right away with Nature's Miracle and I own a carpet cleaner, which I usually get out once a week to remove any stains.

    He is crate trained and does spend time in the crate while my fiance and I are at work. He has never pottied in his crate and so I know his house training is not an issue of him not being able to hold it.

    Right now, during the day, his house training isn't too much of an issue. I keep an eye on him and he might have one accident a day or none at all. The biggest problem is at night. We don't put him in his crate to sleep since he is in there while we are at work and we don't want him to be in there all the time. He still doesn't sleep through the night and ends up waking up in the middle of the night and pottying on the carpet. Sometimes I hear him stirring and getting up before he gets a chance to potty and I can take him outside. But, he doesn't make any effort to wake us up, so we wake up to "surprises" often. I always take up his water at least an hour before we start getting ready for bed and he eats about 2-3 hours before bed. I also always take him out to potty immediately before we settle down for bed.

    The only solution I see is to put him in his crate at night because he won't potty in there. I hate to do that though since he already spends so much time in there during the day. Does anyone have any other tips or suggestions to help me get this dog house trained? I'm starting to go a little nuts here!

    **Oh and for anyone that recalls my last thread about his nipping/biting issue, Theo has finally stopped biting! So, anyone dealing with this issue with new pups, there is an end in sight! He is so much softer with his mouth and careful with it too if we are playing with a toy. It's so nice to be able to play with him and pet him without worrying about him tearing up my hands

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    Personally, I would have no qualms about crating him at night if that helps with keeping him clean particularly if you keep his crate in your bedroom !

    HE will get it eventually ! Crate's are a sanctuary for the pups once trained not a punishment !

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