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Thread: Get off my lounge..

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    DefaultGet off my lounge..

    Amy tips on how to stop Cad'Bree from jumping on the lounge?
    She has her own spot when's she's inside with us, but she wants to be on the lounge, and I'd rather her not get this habit..
    At the moment I've been telling her NO and putting her down. Sometimes when I try to get her off she'll nip or bark at me(nothing unusual the nipping hasnt calm down yet)
    Tips would be great

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    Be careful about using "no" for everything and anything, it gets confusing. Train the command "off" (as in, get off this thing you are on). Be calm, but firm. not bad. not upset. not yelling. REWARD when she is off the lounge. Supervise so she has limited chances to get up. Do not allow her the chance to get up there when you are gone (if she is not crated, do not leave access to lounge for her to get into the habit of getting on when you are gone).
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    Thanks Tanya. She's starting to think she owns my furniture. We have been using the word off, will persist with her.
    She'll lay on the floor, but as soon as I or the kids sit on the lounge she's right up there too.
    But today she was up there all on her own..

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