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    Defaultpuppy time in crate

    Hello! I just got a six week old lab puppy-obviously didn't to my research 'cause now I know you shouldn't get a puppy until they're eight weeks old. So, now I have Piper and I am wondering if it is appropriate to leave her in a crate for 2.5 hours every other morning when I am at work. I took three days of so for the first few days I won't have to...is being in a crate going to really mess her up???? Help,please!

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    I think that would be o.k. Ideal for when you can't supervise them.

    The crate is my best friend. Erns loves his man cave and will go to it when he wants time to himself. It is never a good idea to use it for punishment. At least not in the early days. Later when he is acting up I hear myself yell go to your crate you naughty boy. He goes. I calm down, he behaves and all is good again.

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    Defaultcrating rules

    Thanks for the response! Also, I was wondering if I should put my two older cats in there for a minute or two, just so Piper gets their scent...would that help the three of them adapt to one another more quickly?

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    the dog can smell the cats without you putting them in the crate! (which would be an interesting task)

    Actually is is good for the puppy to learn to be alone a few hours a day, 2.5 is a good amount of time. If you never leave your dog alone for the first few months it can create separation anxiety the day you do need to leave. IN a crate is a safe place for her. Make sure to do some crate training before you leave so she is used to it. Google crate games and there are videos. Feed her in there, throw high value treats and toys in there for her to find.
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    Hi Chris.
    Don't ask me how I found this place again. ? I caught something on Facebook
    and while I don't do Facebook !! but just check in there to catch the pictures
    my oldest daughter posts.
    I think it was there that I read about Ern's passing.
    Wanted to pour my heart to you....and
    tried sending you a private message
    only to get this message :

    " kassabella has exceeded their stored private messages quota
    and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."

    To You ~~ Kassa and Ern's ~~~
    Thank You for`` being there for me```..
    And from Shadow and Rudy.....
    ~~~~~Bless Your Heart and Soul ~~~

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