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    Piper is 14 months old, she has graduated basic and intermediate dog obedience and is a wonderful and very self assured girl that LOVES everyone. She has beautiful manners when she is taken out to PetSmart, Tractor Supply and Pet Supplies Plus. If someone comes to our home however she goes from 0 to 10 instantly. She is like a pogo stick. When we come home from work she is excited but fine. We have tried having guests come into the house with the rules "no talk, no eye contact and no touch" but that in no way slows her down. We have tried having guests come into the house and put her into a sit, reward her with a treat and tell her to wait. When the wait is over she is up and jumping immediately. We have tried putting a gentle leader on her when guests arrive but she will still try to jump even with that on. Because she does not do this in training for the trainer to see we are just trying things that just don't seem to work. We love that she is so friendly but she needs to learn to greet people appropriately. Has anyone else had difficulty with excessive jumping only at home?

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    Oh me......you have a Gus. Yep you described Gus to the t! I called him a kangaroo because he jumped every time someone came in the house and it was awful. Training is the only thing that will help. Gus is now 20 months old and we tried everything to make him stop. We tried keeping him on a leash and stepping on it - didn't work tried putting him away and letting him out after guests got settled in - didn't work. I think age and continue training is the only thing that will make it better. He does not jump on people now but he still rushes them and demands attention - yes I know he should sit and wait but we are still not there. I guess he is so much better that we have slacked off a bit. I have an e collar and we do use that.. I hired a trainer and he taught me the correct way to use the e collar, even thought there are situations that this does not even work. Don't give up it has a lot to do with the age and training. Your pup will get better.

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    Ugh, Todd does the same thing. Jumps on people as soon as they walk in. I have tried all those techniques too. It does seem though, that as soon as he picks something up in his mouth he stops jumping and just has to show everyone. He is still annoying though. I may have to try the e-collar too and hire a trainer to come in.
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    Siren is a jumper too, but mainly with my Sister in law, her boyfriend and my Mother in law. He has jumped right over the gate before to see them. Pulled me all the way down the hill during his pre-bed pee see my SIL and her boyfriend one night they were havign a fire in the fire pit (we have adjoining yards). The grass was wet and I had flip flops on, it was like skiing.

    We have been thinking about the ecollar and he has had some lessons from a trainer my hubby knows.

    Just keep at it, he is getting calmer with age.

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    What happens if you stick a toy in her mouth? Most dogs won't jump with something in their mouths.

    Zoe was a jumper. Whenever someone came over (or when I got home from work), I gave her a toy. Now, she will automatically go for a toy when we have visitors.
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