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    Hi all, have only just joined this site in need of some help/advice! I brought my golden puppy Charlie home at 9weeks he will be 12 weeks old tomorrow. Very much enjoying the madness of being a puppy owner but have somehow encountered a problem I can't seem to solve. Charlie was crate trained from the day I brought him home which went well for the first couple of weeks but every morning after this there would be a lovely little surprise for me to wake up to every morning except for the odd occasion where he'd wake me at 4am but after he'd done his business. We live in a flat so don't have access to a garden so have been housetraining on puppy mats which might I add is going amazingly withaybe only 1 accident per day. For the past week I've ditched the crate and left him in kitchen over night in his bed however now I'm waking up to two poos on the mat but another and a couple of pees on the floor. My question is how do I get round this? Was I wrong to stop crating him at night? And should he be going 3 times to poo during night? Charlie is fed wainwrights large breed 3 times a day, 7.30, 1pm and last feed at 6pm.
    Thanks in advance, Claire
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    Taking him out of the crate was a bad idea. Using puppy mats is an even worse idea. This is going to be a big dog. You are essentially teaching him to pee and poop in your house. Do you want that when he is 6 months old and 50#?

    You need to make the commitment to bringing him outdoors multiple times a day including a late night trip so that he can safely be kept in the crate clean and dry overnight. And you need to use an enzymatic cleaner (white vinegar, peroxide or a product called Nature's Miracle) or the urine smell will remain. It is not going to be affected by a regular cleaning product. They will continue to go where they can smell the urine.
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    agree with the above. go back to the crate

    do you feed on a shedule? if so when do you feed? is your pup pooping on a sheduelw? x number if time a approx y time of the day?

    are you getting any potties outside? are you taking the pup outside regularly and often and praising when they outside?
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