Stubborn terrible twos
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Thread: Stubborn terrible twos

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    DefaultStubborn terrible twos

    My 2 year old lab who has always been well behaved at the off leash dog park now is refusing to come when called when it is time to go. He does not want to leave and actually runs the other way and hides in the woods at the side of the park. I've tried everything and even walked out of the park and gotten in the car. He follows within sight and just watches but I can't get get him. This can go on for up to an hour. I even left his leash on but he still remains just out of arms length. This started about a month or so ago

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    Back to basic training until you can trust him.

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    agreed, back to basics - re-train the recall

    also, is the only time you touch/call your dog at the park whenyou leave? If so, change that up ASAP. randomly call your dog to you, treat (if you can use treats at the park, sometimesy ou cannot, in that case praise) and then release (the reward can just be going back to play).
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    Never give a command you can not enforce. You need to return to basics and or use a lunge line/light line to keep control. He is winning each time he does not respond to your commands.

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