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    Hello all

    I have jusat joined up, I really need some advice/help! I have posted on another forum but didnt get a good response.

    I have a Chocolate Lab x Great Dane, He is my baby and an excellent family pet, Brilliant with people and children.

    However...he HATES out post man with a passion! and does try to attack him, Its got to the stage where we have to lock our front door each day until the post man has been, my dog can let himself out of the front door in to our large secure garden when he wants to go to the loo or just to play about, there is a bolt on the gate so he cant get out, he isnt aggressive to anyone who comes in to the garden, except the postman.

    Unfortunately, this morning we forgot to lock the door and my dog bit the postman!
    It wasn't bad, but enough to scare him and he said he was going to report it. I feel terrible for our postman.

    I love my dog dearly and i just wish our dog would show the postman the other side to him, the soft, loving, soppy side.

    How can i stop him from being aggressive to the postman, i have contacted a dog behavioral expert, waiting for her to get in touch, but any other ideas or advice would be greatly received!



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    A dog behavior expert is your best bet. I am not sure where you live but in my area there is a 2 bite law and dogs are removed and put to sleep if they bite two times. If nothing else you have to make sure your dog is not able to get out to have the opportunity to bite someone. Good luck to you.
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    I agree, you need expert help.

    Judging from your choice of words, it sounds like you may be in the UK rather than the Western hemisphere, so
    there may be different possibilities in your country than here.

    Nevertheless, since postmen, regardless of their country, often get bitten by dogs my strongest recommendation
    is for you to ask your postman. Surely this postman and his fellow workers know of numerous incidents of
    successful and unsuccessful examples of resolving dog-bites-postman like these. And he might be able to recom-
    mend the best resource acceptable to all three of you. (And, just before asking, it might be a good idea to do
    something especially nice for the postman to make up for the assault -- like a batch of home baked chocolate
    chip cookies if you're a great cook, or a couple of tickets to a show or concert, etc. But if it's something like
    cookies, please take them to his delivery station so he won't have to lug them the rest of the day.)

    There are several ways of handling problems like this.

    One is to get rid of your dog -- a solution which both you and your dog want to avoid. (AND, come to think of it,
    you could get rid of the postman by renting a post office box and picking up your mail there.)

    Another is to prevent any contact at your home -- but you've already tried that and found that in your situation,
    that's not foolproof because mistakes can & do happen.

    A third is by training with a behavioral specialist:

    There are 2 broad types of learning that can be used: one is aversive/avoidance training by using something
    undesirable (like shock) when the postman appears so your dog learns to avoid and stay away from the postman.
    While this can be generally effective, I do NOT recommend this for several reasons -- among them is it's hard to
    predict generalization (if your dog avoids this postman, what will he do when there's a substitute postman? or a
    man from the electric or telephone company? Take out his resentment of being shocked on them? Etc., etc.).

    I DO recommend another type of training in which your dog learns to anticipate and want to see this postman
    because something desirable happens when he (or a substitute) arrives. There are many ways to do this -- delay
    feeding until the postman arrives, OR enlist the postman to give your dog a treat? In general, it's arranging it
    so that something very desirable (in your dog's estimation) happens with the arrival of the postman. THIS type
    of reward training usually generalizes better so substitute postmen (or a telephone man, et al.) often benefit
    from its results.

    Good luck.

    Let us know what you do and the outcomes.

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