Calvin all of a sudden is not respecting my wife.
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Thread: Calvin all of a sudden is not respecting my wife.

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    DefaultCalvin all of a sudden is not respecting my wife.

    We have had Calvin, black lab 1 year old, for about 3 months now. He has taken to both of us pretty quickly as he is a pretty timid dog and likes to hid by us if he hears a noise or such. He follows most of my commands on que and generally respects my boundries unless he is very very excited in which case i just calm him down.

    But here lately he is a terror to my wife. She literally hates letting him out of his crate if I am not home, and this greatly bothers he cause she loves animals of all kinds. It started with the couch. Sine we got him we let him on the furniture, telling him to get off every once in a while to train him that it isn't his. But now he will paw at my wife and bit her hands if she is sitting with him, walk on her, sit on her, ect... If I stand up and say something he stops for a time being but then starts back up. I am just not sure what to do about it, he was so loving and cuddly towards her at first. I feel like he just doesn't think he needs to listen to her. What can I do or my wife do to change things around?

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    He is probably settling in and feeling comfortable - thus testing the grounds. He has somehow learned he can do what he wants with your wife and doesn't need to listen to her during that testing.

    She needs to work on training. Unfrotunately there isn't too much you can do other than support her but she is the one that will need to do the work. He will learn to respect her commands as she works with him. She shoudl feed him as well (making him sit/wait before she released him). Or shoudl could even hand feed meals.

    If she can take a training class they may be able to give her more tools to help her. She may need to keep him on leash (maybe tethered to her if she can) so she can control. He should have to work for EVERYTHING (major NILF - nothing in life is free, you can google it or search this site for more details on that).
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    Oh my gosh. Do you know that some in the U.K. call the teenage phase in kids and dogs the Calvin phase? It's after some TV show where the character Calvin, a human, horrifyingly morphs into a teenager in the show. Maybe some of the U.K. members can provide a link for that show, I've lost mine. Anyway, at his age there's a good chance that's what's happening on top of him beginning to feel comfortable enough to act as he feels he'd like. Tanya has some very good points and ideas and I have nothing more to add, I just thought you might get a kick out of how apt his name might seem to some at this time. Which is sure to end if you implement the suggestions above.

    Ummm, no, I do have some ideas. If it was me, no more couch privileges. No sitting on the floor with him, how else is he walking on her? For the pawing, which I particularly dislike, I hold onto the paw and don't let go till I notice a wee bit of discomfort in the dog. I do that for jumping too, hold onto the paws that landed on my chest but be careful he doesn't twist and hurt himself. Biting? Absolutely not, thwart the bite before it happens with a suitable toy. Really biting? Or too hard play nibbling? Either way, not allowed, play over, game done, I'd walk away.

    I agree, strict NILIF and training classes.

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    exactly like Tanya said. she will have to train him, if both of you train him, he will see both of you as masters, but if not, he will see her as equal. my dog sees me as master but sees my husband as equal.

    she will paw at him or bug him for human food, but will never bother me. she does her tricks so much better when i am the one giving her commands, but she just gets tooo excited when hubby commands her and she basically ignores him.

    so let your wife do training sessions with him everyday. make sure she uses a stern voice too.


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