Potty Training So Easy?
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    DefaultPotty Training So Easy?

    Is potty training normally so easy?

    We got our pup at about 7 weeks old and it seems he was naturally/already potty trained? Never ended up asking the breeder but he was kept outside with his litter mates. Aside from an accident on the first day in the car, mostly i think because we as owners didnt recognize the signs he needed to go out, he's never had any doubt about where he should let every thing out.

    That said... he does have a vindictive side. on more than one occasion when we removed something from him, he literally would jump up onto the bed of whoever he was "upset" with and urinate. immediately. it was obvious a tit-for-tat thing haha but he's outgrown that.

    but really, our pup has required very little, if any, correction in this department. Right now he pretty much just whines at the front/back door or pulls on our sleeves when he wants to go outside to do his business... but i would like to find a better, clearer way... for example when he's in our room... or in the car... that he can actually indicate he needs to go lol. havent quite figured out what signal would be best/clearest...

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    I also read about your pup being so behaved when you left the room open and now he's doing good with potty training. That's another indication of very smart dog and can learn easily, you are surely so proud. Whining is one of their best way to communicate with what he need so you know when to give attention. Others use a bell next to the door that the dog will ring if he needs to go..
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    I have never had issues potty training a Lab. They are very intelligent and so willing to please teaching them is a breeze, one of their best traits! It does make me sad his "breeder", (and I lose the term loosely here), left a litter of pups and mama outside. I know the breeder I got Maxx from begins potty training the last few weeks and I think that is fairly common.
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