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    DefaultGeneral bad behaviour

    All of a sudden our Lab has started with some very bad behavior.

    We have placed her into the crate at night as she was having toilet issues at night. This corrected itself, but for the last few days she has been wetting her crate. We have even been going to bed late and getting up early, only to find that she has wet the crate again.

    Also, she is constantly attacking things like bags, and destroyed our 2yr old's new toy scooter.

    On walks she is pulling like a steam train, so much so that my wife and children can no longer walk her! Honestly, she pulls like a monster.

    We tried group puppy training, and that didn't work one bit.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    I would follow up puppy training with another training class. Perhap a Canine Good Citizen class. She needs to learn to walk properly on a leash, a trainer will help with that, sometimes a prong collar is necessary. (Must be properly fitted) Also, a lot of off leash excercise (dog park, back yard fetch, etc.) for young dogs. Remember: A good dog is a tired dog!
    Our Breeder warned us that at 6 months, Labs "get stupid", like they forget everything they learned. It's a phase, like adolescence.
    Good luck!
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    How old is she? That sounds like normal puppy behaviour. I agree, more training classes. Puppy classes are like JK for kids. They are just the introduction, they don't prepare a puppy for a lifetime.

    I don't know her age. Perhaps she was not toilet trained as you thought. Perhaps she has a UTI. You might take a urine sample to your Vet.

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    I agree, sounds like normal teen-ager behavior and more training is very important. One set of classes does not make a perfect dog, training is an ongoing process. Having her checked for a UTI is definitely a good idea, if all checks out ok go back to potty training.
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    is she peeing more than usual? If so it may be a medical problem. you should have her looked over by a vet, with a urine sample to check for a UTI. Make sure to clean the accidetns with an odour neutralizing product and make sure she pees before going to bed (not just let her out - make sure she goes). I highly doubt she is doing this to make you angry, something is happening.

    how much exercise (and what kind) does she get daily? What is your normal routine?

    While one set of classes is better than nothing, one round by no means is the end of it. classes don't train the dog, they train you to train your dog and give you a good place to train that is new to the dog and with controlled distractions.
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    Puppy classes are not supposed to train your dog - they are supposed to train you on how to train your dog. If that did not come together for you with the puppy classes, you need to do it again, perhaps with a different trainer who can help you get results.

    Great dogs happen with great effort on the part of the owners - they just don't evolve on their own.
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