Suggestions on Moving into a new home
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Thread: Suggestions on Moving into a new home

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    DefaultSuggestions on Moving into a new home

    Hi everyone,
    Jefferson ( 7 month black lab ) and I will be moving in a couple of weeks from Florida to Ohio. Just looking for suggestions on how to make the move into the new environment, house , people as easy for him as well as myself.
    He's been such a good boy, from the day I brought him home, and want keep that lucky streak going. Presently he is crate trained, goes to doggy daycare two times a week, which I plan on continuing when we are settled. Just looking for some suggestions for making this transition as comfortable as possible for him.

    He also does very well in the car, but we have never taken a long trip. Because of the time frame we must make the trip in one day, 900 miles. On the day that the movers come to load I plan on having him go to daycare, and spend the night their. Pick him up the next morning and off we go Any suggestions on traveling??? . Something tells me traveling with a dog is about the same as small children, except you can't throw a box of crayons and a coloring book in the back seat to keep them busy.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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    My 2 travel pretty well. We make sure they get breaks to stretch and potty and keep a really good hold on them! If he is not already microchipped I would get that done before leaving along with a tag that has just your cell # on it in the event he gets away from you and until he is settled and comfortable in his new home. I keep a backpack with bottled water, treats, baby wipes, soft and chew toys, extra collars and leahshes in the car with me along with a towel or 2 in case needed. Once you get there take your time exploring together. Have his bed, crate and toys ready and keep his schedule as normal as possible. I am sure he will do fine and I bet he will enjoy the cooler weather! Good luck!
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    I just moved with my dog from FL to north GA. Not nearly as long of a drive as you have. Are you travelling alone or with other people? I moved alone, so locked the dog in the car with the engine and air running at rest stops and ran in and out of the bathroom. I've travelled with him before and know that he usually sleeps most of the time and I think I only took him out of the car once to walk a bit and pee. It kind of depends on how your dog is, but luckily he should be tired from daycare.
    I also pack car supplies - minimum a bowl, jug of water, paper towels, bath towels, leash, emergency food supply (in case the car breaks down or something) and chew toy. I usually have a travel bed in the car for him too, just in case.
    Mine really hasn't shown any signs of problems with the housing switch. I brought all his beds and toys with and he pretty much settled right in.

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    to make the ride more comfy for him, you can use the bed he is currently sleeping on, put some of your worn clothes next to him so he feels that you are cuddling with him in the back seat. of course take him out to pee as often as you can.

    and same goes with the new house, have his beds and such (not washed, so his scent is there in the new home).

    the most important thing is not washing his stuff before your move. and have a few of your clothes (not washed either) lying around the new place. it sounds crazy but it really works. lol

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