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    DefaultSleeping arrangement question

    Bear has been doing very well with his crate training, especially at night. He goes in, lays down and sleeps for about 7 hours. Here's my boys are dying to have Bear sleep with them. On one hand, I don't think it's a good idea...he's 9 weeks old and needs to continue in the crate. On the other hand, once he is older, his size may prevent him sleeping with the boys. They love him so much that it is hard to say no. Please tell me if I am correct that he needs to stay in his crate at night...thanks.

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    He should stay in his crate. He's a baby, only 9wks old and has a lot to learn and the crate is a great tool. There is no guarantee he will stay put on the bed and he could get himself into a lot of trouble when people are sleeping. Bear and your boys would do better with the good night sleep in their own beds. Trust me, with Labs, their size is NEVER an issue if you want them to cuddle in bed with you!! No matter their size they seem to like to take 3/4 of the sleeping surface so when it is time make sure your boys are ready for that! There will be plenty of cuddling sleeps in their future.

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    oh gosh - at 9 weeks i would keep him crated for sure - he is still getting the hang of house training and it keeps him safe from getting into trouble (chewing things).

    and don't start something you will likely want to change. so if you think you will stop letting him sleep in their bedroom if he gets too big do not start it.
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    Please also remember that he is an infant and could be injured sleeping with your kids (inadvertantly).

    Most puppies are reliable out of the crate at night at around 6 months or so (if you've done the work to get them trained - potty and otherwise). There is plenty of time for them to sleep with the pup when he's a little older.
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    I agree, he is much too young to be left on the beds with your boys. Keep him crated for now and keep him safe. You and the kids have lots of time to snuggle in the future.
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