Please Help! 2 month old puppy CONSTANT biting like he wants to kill me
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Thread: Please Help! 2 month old puppy CONSTANT biting like he wants to kill me

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    ExclamationPlease Help! 2 month old puppy CONSTANT biting like he wants to kill me

    Okay so i understand that my pup just wants to play and this is normal for puppies. Especially labs who love having things in their mouth!
    We have had little Diplo for a couple weeks and he has been nipping at our hands and arms since we got him (obvi). I provide him with plenty bones and chew toys (also a crushed empty water bottle that he goes crazy with) and I use the replacement method and have been redirecting his chewing on my arms/legs/feet/FACE/NECK with a toy instead. After a while i could tell he was understanding what I was trying to teach him because he was doing great with me redirecting him to the toys. however, yesterday and today he's been cranking up the biting to a whole other level. He will NOT stop biting and pulling my skin ( i mean the force makes me feel he is REALLY TRYING TO PULL MY SKIN OFF) It hurts like h*** and I sometimes bleed. The replacement method isnt working anymore and he completely ignores me and when I firmly tell him no/ grab his muzzle, and try to provide him with a toy instead. He then pounces on me like a freakin cat trying to bite me and climbs up to my face and literally GNAWS at my ears, neck, and face at such a fast pace that I sometimes can't even protect my face from getting bit up. It hurts SO bad that I have to let out a cry everytime. I know he loves me and just wants to play especially cause hes a pup, but this is actually starting to scare me. I do NOT want him to grow up thinking its okay to play with humans so aggressively and i do NOT want to spank him. I am always firm with him and instantly praise/reward him when he does decide to chew on his toys/such. This is just getting bad because just recently, the ONLY time he doesn't bite me is when he is eating his food/ or in his crate. I can't even hold him/ play with him like I normally do with out getting cut/bruised up because anytime I am around he is always jumping for a bite at my face or arms. When other family members pick him up or play with him he longs to be with me and tries to escape their arms just to be by my side. He follows me everywhere. So I know he loves me and definitely knows I am his owner. But the way he snaps his jaws at me you'd think he hates my guts. Im confused and need some help with this. He's a sweet pup and has the potential to be the best dog but I need some proper tips and advice to make sure I can mold him into a loyal dog the right way. I'm afraid that to him he is taking advantage of me or feels he is the "leader". All I want is to correctly train him as I trained my pet chihuahua and poodle. They are the most well behaved and loyal dogs and now live with my parents back at home. I just want Diplo to be as loyal as them since I bought him to protect me and to have someone to love since Im alone at College but I guess I didnt realize that labs are really on some other s***. Im not sure if I left any other details out, but I will elaborate more if needed. Thanks for your help / time.
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    First of all, welcome. Your exasperation is bleeding from your post and I get it, I really do. How much exercise is this puppy getting? I am talking all out running, free play with another dog, not a human, exercise? It honestly sounds like he is under exercised either physically or mentally. A Lab puppy needs an hour or 2 of non-forced exercise daily. Without the proper exercise they become almost crazed sometimes. Mental exercise like a tug-a-jug, kong wobbler, hide and seek, etc. What training have you done with him? A puppy socialization class would benefit both of you tremendously.
    They honestly can be beyond exasperating at this age without proper exercise and sometimes people don't realize how much is involved. You do need to continue to redirect his biting and nipping, it is very important to stay consistent with that. Sometimes they can also be over tired and need a forced time out if he is getting enough exercise. I hope some of this helps. It does end but you need to make sure you are doing your part to give your puppy the time, training and exercise he needs. The puppy training/tips part of the forum has lots of additional info.
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    Your puppy is only 2 months old. Training them not to use us as chew toys takes time. I remember Sophie shredding my arms and hands, often drawing blood! What we did was put a hand around her muzzle and command in a stern voice "Don't Bite!" Using No as a command is too vague, so try not to use no. Give specific commands. We also added her name to commands. Like, Sophie Drop it! etc. It lets them know you are talking to them. Biting is such a normal part of puppy play, that it is hard to break them of it. We did the muzzle and command every time she bit us. Every time! Not just when it hurt. We had anyone who visited do the same command, even the neighbor kids. It still took about a month. We never let her slide, yet it took that long. It was like one day she just figured out what all the fuss was about and stopped biting us! Whew, we were so glad! How old was your pup when you got it? Puppies taken home earlier than 8 weeks can be harder to break from biting.

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    sign up for puppy classes asap.

    While i agree with Tammy that he needs exercise, not 1-2 hours straigt as he is a baby. you need play seesions thoughout the day AND lots of short training session. Reward only teh behaviour you want.

    What is your current routine wtih the puppy? How old was he when you picked him up?

    There are tons of threads on stopping the biting - it is the most common question. You can search thru the training section, or use the search function. Or better yet, read "our best advice" threads stickied at the top of this section.

    It is going to take time an patience. But you need to set him up for success.
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    If you got this puppy at 6 weeks, he missed spending an important period of time with his littermates. The last 2 weeks (from 6-8) really go a long way in helping a puppy understand that their bite hurts and helps them learn bite inhibition. So now, instead of him biting his littermates and being bitten back and learning from that experience, he has you as his "littermate" and he is going to be mouthy with you. And mouthier longer than if he had been with his sibs for another couple of weeks.

    Sucks - but that's what you have to deal with now. Too bad your breeder did not undertand the importance of keeping the puppies together longer.

    It is a normal part of development. You need to be consistent in offering him proper items for biting/chewing and consistently correcting him when he does contact skin (I mean a disapproving sound like AKH!). Reward him when he is behaving nicely (praise, attention, petting).

    And look for a puppy K class. Spending a little time with other similarly aged puppies would be great.
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