Eating my daughters toys
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Thread: Eating my daughters toys

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    DefaultEating my daughters toys

    I have a year old chocolate lab catahoula leopard dog mix and he is a very good dog for the most part, but he has been chewing up my daughters toys. He doesn't chew anything else but his toys and I'm not sure how to break him of the habit. I have taken him to the threshold of her room and commanded no and this is bad dog but if her door is even slightly open he sneaks in and steals a toy or sock. Could really use some advice.

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    What are you trying to train by having him go to the door of her room and saying no/bad dog/scolding? Even just reading it I am unsure of the goal or purpose of this, so I imagine that was very confusing for the dog.

    How old is your daughter? Depending on the age (i.e. not a baby or toddler) I would work more with the human in the equation - training her to not leave the toys out and about and to close the door to her room.

    As well, more supervision of the dog by all humans in teh house. Unfortunately houlas are known to outsmart their humans so that may require more work than for the average dog

    If your dog is indeed a catahoula mix - are you doing much daily exercising of her brain? Houlas are super smart dogs (as are labs but houlas are another level) that need MENTAL stimulation. A good training session, hide and seak, memory games, dog sprot or making the dog work for their food are all good ways to work out the brain.
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    I agree with Tanya.

    Depending on the age of the child (and you want to keep the door open), you can also try a gate in the doorway. We have always had a dog, and my boys (now 16 and 20) still keep their doors closed all of the time. Although we don't have to worry about Bauer chewing anything up, at least I don't have to see their messy bedrooms.
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