Need help: How to teach a 5 year old Yellow Lab to come on command?
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Thread: Need help: How to teach a 5 year old Yellow Lab to come on command?

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    DefaultNeed help: How to teach a 5 year old Yellow Lab to come on command?

    3 weeks ago we adopted from a local shelter a 5 year old Yellow Lab. They did not have much of a history other then when they spoke to the owners they said "He got away from us and we no longer want him so why don't you just keep him." From the moment we brought him home he has be so well behaved and immediately became accustom to our home. However, we are having one problem....when called he does not come. At first we figured it was because we did change his name so we shrugged it off and said in time he would. As of late he does lift his head from time to time when we call his name but still does not come over when using a command. Today I did start to work with him to show him a treat, tell him to sit and stay, then walk away. Once I am a few paces away, I say come and he does for the treat. He did it about half the time successfully. If he did get up I would restart the process. What other tactics can we use to teach this sort of old dogs a new trick? In advance, thank you for any suggestions.
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    There are volumes that are written about this, but the short of it is, have your dog on a leash/long line until you reach that happy point when he will come when called.

    You have the basic idea. With a leash on, tell the dog to stay ("assuming") he knows that. Walk in front of him, and back away 1 foot. Tell him to "come". Treat and act like he discovered the cure for cancer. Depending on the dog, back away one more foot each day, IF HE IS SUCCESSFULL at the previous stage. If your dog does not come that one foot (or two, or three or whatever), reel him in on the leash. There are 20-40 foot leashes/long lines that you can buy to work on this.

    Ideally you will NEVER let the dog realize that he can disobey you. Each time you allow him to NOT COME when called you have set yourself back tenfold.

    The lesson is, do not tell your dog to "COME" unless you can enforce it.

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    thank you for adopting your new pup!

    First of all - you need 100% success when training. The dog is just learning he can or can not come, it doesn't matter. When training, you need to MAKE SURE the dog does what you want. By setting them up for success. So I would recommend starting a new with a new word.

    I'd start by making your word for recal really high value. Pull out some SUPESR high valu treats. not kibble. not run of hte mill normal treats. I mean the big guns. cheese, roast, chicken, liver, whatever is most valued by your dog. When you say the word, give them the treat. freebie. Then once that word is exiting you can add distance. If you need to add distance or distraction, you must use a long line so you can coax the dog back to you in order to get 100% success. NEVER use the word unless you KONW the dog will come. IN the meantime use their name or just "puppy puppy puppy".

    Work on bonding and training overall, this will help the recall. I highly recommend training classes. If you read up on Nothing in Life Is Free this can help the recall - it is the first thing we learn to do in a specialty recall class I took.
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