First Litter: Good, Bad, Indifferent?
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Thread: First Litter: Good, Bad, Indifferent?

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    DefaultFirst Litter: Good, Bad, Indifferent?


    I have reserved a puppy with a breeder in his upcoming litter and the mother was just bred. I was told that this will be her (the mother, not the breeder) first litter of puppies. Is the fact that it is the first litter a good thing, potential issue, or no way to know? Any insights are welcomed.


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    i would worry more about clearances (hips, elbows, eyes, heart, eic, cmn - ask to see proof) on mom and dad and what the breedwr does to prove both parents (conformation, hunt, field, etc.)and temperment of the parents and how the litter is raised. first litter is not a concern with a reputable/good breeder.
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    I agree with Tanya, if your breeder is experienced, and the parents have all their clearances, have proven ability, the fact that it is the bitch's first litter should not be of concern. The only thing you can not be sure of is how she produces..true to her type, temeperment etc looking at what she has produced in the past.

    What do you know about the parents?

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    The only thing that would be important is that the dam and sire have all their clearances. Find that out and let us know.

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