10 month old Puppy Attacking
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Thread: 10 month old Puppy Attacking

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    Default10 month old Puppy Attacking

    Hi everyone I really need some advise!
    I have a puppy that is almost 10 months old. My boyfriend and I have had Mousse since he was 8 weeks old. He was never really any trouble and never growled or lunged at anyone but recently he has been growling, barking, lunging and biting me but never with my boyfriend. When I try to correct him he usually takes it as a joke and continues until he is finally bored. But when Nick corrects him, he stops. Nick and I use to live in a bigger house and we have been working more now than before but Mousse still gets plenty attention from both of us. He is neutered as well. I just am not sure why he attacks me only and I am not really sure what to do at this point. Im starting to become very disappointed not being able to fix this problem.

    If anyone has any advice please share!

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    How much exercise is he getting? What formal training have you done with him?
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    agree with the above questions.

    if be listens to your boyfriend though - it means he has learned your boyfriend means it with a command and thus he listens but that your commands are negotiable. you need to work more on training him, workig more with him and ensuring your commands are said with a tone that means an ordee and not a request.

    this is a great age for a formal obedience class. also a great age for Nothing in Life is Free (NILF)

    but he may also need more exercise - more free play - daily. at that age they can need an hour or more each day or free play.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    Mousse has never to a formal training class. We worked a lot with him since the day we got him. He sits, stays very well for everyone. With "come" he does sometimes think we are playing with him and he wants us to chase him. He also does get out for at least an hour most days on hikes, or swimming. If its not a long thing he does get walks through out the day. So I dont think its an exercise thing with energy coming out towards me.

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    Training for a dog isn't just for designated times. It is an all the time thing. I would use the Nothing in Life is Free (NILF) approach that was mentioned above. Every time you interact with your dog think about the "wishy washiness" of your communication. Interacting with a dog is much different than interacting with people. As for the lunging, I would suggest handling the problem head on. Find something your dog lunges at and do obedience training(heal, sit, stand, down, etc) at the boundary of your dogs tolerance to the distraction. As your dog gets better shorten the distance to the distraction. In the end, and after lots of work, your dog will figure out that your word is to be obeyed.

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