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    DefaultDuke's weight

    Well Duke went to vet today to get fixed. Broke my heart.

    My question, however, is related to his weight. He's a mix (an adorable one) and I didn't think he was very big. He always has seemed tall and lanky to me. I thought he might weigh 35-40 lbs toady at his age of 7 months. Imagine my surprise when the vet tells me my boy weighs 51 lbs! Now as long he's herby he can stay this weight but if he follows what some other labs have growth size my understanding is he could attain an adult weight as much as 80 lbs! Any input? Seems like this is around expected weight of an average male lab of his age. Again a mix but does this seem a good weight for him? He still looks a little thin to me but the vet seems satisfied with his size so far.

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    He's a mix. You have no clue what you'll end up with. So why worry. Besides, if the vet was satisfied, you should be satisfied. Most vets err on the side of thin, so your dog is definately not too big.

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    What does "herby" mean?
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    agree with the above - with a mix you can't really predict what the weight will be. you can guess. you can make educated guesses but not are really gonna give you an answer you can rely on. Different dogs grow at different rates so hard to say if he's done most of his growing or if he has a few more spurts to go.

    We can't really guess what a good weight is without seeing him (in person), a number doesn't reall mean much. Even pure bred labs can vary a great deal on weight at any given age.

    If the vet says he is a healthy weight then that's a good start. Make sure you can feel the ribs (a small layer of fat is ok, but not much) when you touch him.

    Neutering isn't a big deal. no need to have a broken heart. It is hard to see them undergo surgery but this is very routine and he'll be just fine.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBrownDog View Post
    What does "herby" mean?
    I am thinking they meant healthy...?

    J.R. and June

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