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    Unhappywalking probl.

    can someone explain me the best method to teach the ozzy (3 months) to walk on a leash? he stops many times and I do not know how to teach him to walk normally. already tried with biscuit forward but is still hard to learn


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    Do you have a friend or relative with a friendly adult dog that walks well on leash?

    Archie wouldn't walk either, but as soon as my mom's dog came over for a walk, off we went and he was trotting along beside her like he'd been doing it all his life.

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    I trained my pups by taking them for a walk with an adult dog. They figured it out real quick.

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    can you take puppy classes? a great place to learn.

    make sure puppy gets plenty of play time to exercise beforehand. then do training walks. there are lots of methods, pick one and stick with it.
    - be a tree (stop moving when dog pulls)
    - sharp turn when dog pulls
    - etc etc etc.
    start in a quiet place like teh yard or quiet block, with no distractions.

    Check out the "our best advice" sticky at the top of the training section, lots of great tips there
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    We got Calvin our 1 year old black lab just a month ago and he had walking problems. The previous owners would just let him run in their yard instead of walking him as he is really big and very strong. I did Tanya's method with him "be a tree" this worked pretty well he picked up very quickly that if I am not moving he can't move. I get the feeling though he still thinks he is leading the walk so I have started to do lots of turns and U turns to make him understand it is me that is making the decisions and leading. After about 2 weeks he is walking great with only slight pulling when he gets really excited.

    I found the being a tree thing works really well if you say No when they start to pull and bring them back to you. I would then make calvin sit and give him some praise and a treat if I had one. This also worked on recalling him a bit which he is still very bad at.

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    thanks guys, im gonna try that

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    I would just keep at it. Every day with the same commands and as Tanya says try one of the methods that suits you and your dog.
    Kassa was good with the halti until she understood what I wanted.
    Erns is best sharp turn.
    Gemma was the dry/wet spaghetti. The lead is like wet spaghetti and when it goes tight like dry spaghetti stand like a tree until they come back to you.
    Tess has been all over the place so standing still when she pulled helped. The Labs responded to treats or clicker. Gems none of those she was in such a hurry to get to places.

    With Erns it was almost a month before we got to the end of the street.

    Kassa 25/11/01 - 09/02/05 O.S Jaw cancer forever in my heart.
    Ernie 25/11/01 adopted May 05
    Sam 11? adopted Nov 06 - 18/12/07 Lyphoma
    Tessa. Rescued June 2011.
    Bone Cancer Dogs org.http://www.bonecancerdogs.org/

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