2 year old Black Lab, started Protective barking.... normal? Help
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Thread: 2 year old Black Lab, started Protective barking.... normal? Help

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    Default2 year old Black Lab, started Protective barking.... normal? Help

    So my Fixed female Black Lab has recently started barking and race to the door when people ring or knock or walk in my house (good friends), and in the last 2 days (We are on holidays and traveled by vehicle to get here) has started to Howl/bark at night when someone is climbing the stairs. We are at my IL's house and its old and creaky. My MIL climbed the stairs last night around 3am to go to the bathroom and my family of 5 was in one room, and Gaia (my dog) FLEW out the door at my MIL with this insane Howl/bark thing and almost knocked my MIL down the stairs, and tonight just did it to my husband when he came down the stairs. I'm at a loss here, as she's NEVER done this at home. I'm wondering if its just a protective thing, as she's started the barking when people enter or whatever when I stopped driving bus at the end of the school year. But I'm wondering if this is something that will need to be corrected as I don't want her to become aggressive.

    Sorry if this seems all over the place, its late and I'm a little baffled by this new behaviour.


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    Maybe because you are not at home she is not as comfortable and more likely to react to strange, (to her), noises.
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