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    DefaultThree month old lab pup

    I have a three 3 month old male choc lab puppy that thinks my 2 year old is his chew toy. He is a great puppy but when my 2 year old is out in the back yard all he wants to do is bite/chew on him or tackle him to the ground. any advice would be great. Thanks, Adam

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    Separate them until he can play nicely.

    Leash him around your 2yr old so you have more control.

    Teach "Leave It" & "No Bite" as a back up tool for this scenario, but always transferrable for other situations.

    Keep in mind your 2yr old likely squeals & gets really excited around the puppy which further excites the puppy & makes him want to play with your 2yr old like he is a littermate. At this point you can teach the dog more than you can teach the child, but as your 2yr old grows you need to make sure he does his part in helping the puppy not get overly excited. Don't set a dog up for failure.

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