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    DefaultFemale dog wetting problem

    We adopted a female puppy when she was 2 1/2 months old and started potty training her immediately, but from the very beginning she would pee outside then could come in the house and pee again. She even just gets up and is still peeing. She mostly is outside with my husband all during the day. When I get home she has peed before I can get the door open to greet and immediately take outside yet she can be in her crate for overnight and not pee at all. It's almost like she is ok if she is lying down, but when up it just comes out. She is 6 months old now and still having more accidents than not. I can understand and occasional, but you can get her to pee outside then within 30 minutes she's peed in the house. Since she has had this problem from the beginning we have made the vet very aware and she's been checked out and also put on antibiotics twice already. She has also been licking her feeder tits close down there too, but not as much as this other problem. I had my husband mention to the vet that maybe she has bladder stones, but the vet said it would be rare in a puppy and said that sometimes this happens with a female and should be better after she is spayed which will be next week. We have had 5 other dogs (2 females, rest males) throughout our marriage and have one male still living along with us. All other things with her seem fine for the "puppy" stages and just have never run into this with any of our other animals. They said when they spayed her they can check for bladder stones, etc. while they are in there. I was just wondering if anyone had run into this situation.

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    I would seek a second vet opinion first.

    If there was a UTI diagnosis as the reason for her accidents, they don't seem to have effectively treated for it. The advice to spay now is not good. Often when female puppies have a lot of UTIs it is being caused by an inverted/recessed vulva. Allowing her to go through at least one heat should correct the vulva problem. Spaying before the problem corrects will make it permanent. I would absolutely not be spaying her.

    If she has a recessed vulva, using baby wipes on her after she pees will help to get the area cleaned up and reduce the bacteria there. You can also add cranberry capsules (the human version) to help with this.

    Another possibility is that she has a behavioral problem called submissive urination. Her peeing when she greets you when you come home could be behavioral - but the frequency of her accidents tell me that she has either got ongoing UTIs or she has some other functional urinary abnormality. New vet opinion is in order, IMO.
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    never heard that spaying early would help this, as a matter of fact, just the opposite.
    i agree with bigbrowndog.

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    Definitely find a new vet and do not spay this baby yet.
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    Sorry your having so many problems with your pup. I agree with all the above too. New Vet!

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    Double ditto the caution on spaying. Hopefully you were not going to spay her anyway till after her growth plates are closed.

    I wonder what you did when potty training? Did you encourage her with a word when she first performed as you wanted outside? Have a little celebration, make much of what a good girl she was, hope the neighbours weren't watching?

    And, do you have good cleaner to remove all scent of accidents she did make in the house?

    It's pretty common for them to not have to bathroom overnight. We don't either. Everything is quiet and still, bodily processes slow down. But at 6 months she should be able to stay clean overnight and hold on till you get her out first thing in the morning.

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    I echo the above. DO NOT spay this baby until you confirm if this is a health issue - as mentionned above I have only heard of spaying making issues worse (or much harder to treat). Get a second opinion - if she had UTI problems before she may still have them, just because she went thru two rounds of anti-biotics does not mean she is all better. Especially if she is peeing as she wakes up? Though she is still so young she may need to be carried outside to potty.

    Is she peeing when she is outside? Even if she comes in from outside, that doesn't necessarily mean she just peed outside. Or if she did, it may have been awhile ago.

    Make sure to clean accidents with an odour neutralizing product - household cleaners are not sufficient generally speaking.

    I will say that my experience with puppies is that after a long outside play, they often do need to pee again within an hour (or less). So ify ou know she generally has to pee 30 minutse after a big outdoor play, then take her outside after 25 minutes.

    Lastly - does she ever ask to go out? Signals may just be walking to the door or looking at you - but if she is doing nothing it either means an issue where she doesn't feel the need to pee, or she isn't house trained at all and just pees when she needs to go.
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