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    Hello all,

    I'm having a strange problem with our 1 year old chocolate Lab. She's always been a bit odd, compared to our other Lab who is positively perfect :-)

    What she's doing, is only eating out of my hand. One night about a month ago, desperate to get her to eat, I picked up a handful of her food and tried to coax her into eating it. Well, it worked. But since then, she refuses to eat unless I hand feed her. I've tried holding the food bowl, but she won't eat. I thought maybe she didn't like the bowl, so I tried a plate, which also didn't work. I can't just leave her food down, because our other Lab is something of a chow hound. I'm at a loss as to what to do.

    Is this something anyone else has heard of? Am I just being played by this strong willed puppy? Any help/advice would be appreciated!

    ~Janet. Mom of Jello and Seamus~

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    has this been an issue since you got her? did you get her as a puppy.

    what kind if bowl have you tried (sometimes the issue is the type of bowl).

    did you try playing hard ball? put bowl down and remove after 5 minutes and try again at next meal ?

    on the plus side, hand feeding is a great thing good for training and bonding.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    I had to hand feed my new lab a few times at first he is one year old but we have only had him about a month. He went a whole day without eating so it started to worry me and I decided to try and hand it to him and he took it.

    Basically I would hand feed him a few pieces at a time and then I would move my hand closer to in his bowl till I literally had my hand on top of his food holding it. After a few seconds I removed my hand and he started eating the rest. Have not had a problem since then. Might give that a try. I would also suggest trying Tanya's Hard Ball as we did this as well and it has gotten him to realize that food time is when we say it is.

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