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    DefaultMarley toilet training

    We have had Marley two months now, he has just turned 6 months old. Bowels are still a work in progress. Passing urine has almost been solved, although it is still me reading the signs and putting him out at regular intervals. He never goes to the back door to ask.

    My reason for posting though, which caused me to laugh at him. I had wondered but caught him in the act the other night. Marley was using the kitty litter tray for the cats to do his wee! Now is that clever or what. Better then using the floor but his volume of urine passed is heaps larger then cats and of course that is now where I want him to go.

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    Lol, that is too funny! (You don't mean you really want him to go there I am assuming, I hope correctly.) What a silly dog but a Lab is definitely much bigger than any kitty litter box I have ever seen. Sounds like maybe he just needs to go out more often.
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    I think he smelled it and assumed if they can he can! That is funny, but, not a job I would want scooping that big of clumps from a litter box. Also my old cat would never tolerate either of my dogs using his "spot" I would probably then find him going out of the box... Your pup will get it, consistency and praise and lots of patience, you'll get there!
    Smokey 4/25/2012

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    LOL, that is funny! Labs are very smart and yours just proved it!

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