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    Is my 9 week pup allowed to sleep on the bed with me? Or should I keep him in confinement. We don't have a crate yet, but we will soon. We gated off my bathroom and put his bed and training pads in there with toys and such. I also put his food and water in there as well. He will start crying we he's awake at night but will calm down if I put him on my bed. Should I stop? Confused! Should I do something different?
    Abby And Captain

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    Oh wow, that puppy has you trained already. do not bring her in bed because she cries, you are teaching ehr that crying gets her what she wants. worse possible thing.

    Get a crate today, do not put it off. it will be harder to train each day you put it off. be careful with puppy pads, some dogs will chew them.

    I would crate the puppy in the bedroom, not on the bed. If the puppy cries at night, taker her outside on leash to pot ty then put her back in her bed. do not talk (other than to give a potty command and reward). this is duty only, not time to cuddle or play.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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